DMP Tool to aid researchers at the University of California

Webinar to describe the DMP Tool

When: Thu, July 14, 2pm – 3pm
Speaker: Patricia Cruse, Director, UC Curation Center, California Digital Library

In January 2011 the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced that a data management plan must accompany all grant submissions. This major requirement by the NSF will undoubtedly be taken up by other funding agencies. In response to the NSF demand, a group of US libraries and research institutions have formed a partnership to build a Data Management Planning Tool (DMP Tool) to assist researchers in creating a data management plan. The UCLA Library, the UCSD libraries, and the UC Curation Center at the CDL are leading this initiative for the UC campuses.

The DMP Tool will be tailored to the requirements of US research funding agencies, as well as to the UC systemwide and campus policies. This tool will be freely available, allowing researchers across the UC to initiate a data management plan quickly and to provide answers to various data management questions relating to their research. The goal is move research data management forward at the national and international levels, ultimately facilitating information exchange at the data level. Join us to gain a better understanding of the DMP Tool, its uses, and availability.

You’ll find links to the slides and recording of this webinar here:

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