DataONE Student Internship at the University of Virginia

The Scientific Data Consulting Group (SciDaC) at the University of Virginia Library is pleased to announce a 2012 summer internship. Supported by DataONE, a project funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, this internship will come with a stipend of $4,500 (see full details via DataONE site).

The project, entitled “Enriching the Content of the DMPTool for the DataONE Community,” will focus on marketing the DMPTool to the DataONE community. The intern will work with researchers in the DataONE community to enhance and expand content in the DMPTool, and conduct structured user testing/interviews with researchers to assess the quality of content/guidance provided by the DMPTool. For user testing, we will draw in the University of Virginia user experience/usability team for support. Throughout the internship, the intern will blog to promote the DataONE effort, DMPTool, needs of researchers, etc. .

Necessary Prerequisites: Undergraduate junior or senior or graduate student with knowledge of data management best practices within the environmental and earth sciences.

Desirable skills/qualifications: Some knowledge of research data, strong research skills, marketing experience, ability to work independently, set goals, and meet deadlines. Appropriate academic areas might include: library/information (grad or undergrad), education (grad), marketing, social science, earth or life sciences.

Primary mentor: Andrew Sallans (University of Virginia, DataONE Users Group Vice-Chair)
Secondary mentors: Carly Strasser (California Digital Library), Sherry Lake (University of Virginia)

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