Fifty instititutions using Single Sign-on for DMPTool

Tulane just configured their campus single sign-on for the DMPTool, making them the 50th institution to do so. It means that, now, researchers at Tulane do not need to maintain a separate account within the DMPTool, but instead can login using their Tulane username and password. One fewer username and password to remember and maintain!

There are a few requirements for an institution to be able to take advantage of this service–they must be a member of the InCommon Federation, and they must have an InCommon-compliant identity provider. InCommon has almost 300 members, including not just universities, but also research labs and other organizations. Please contact us at if you are interested in using Single Sign-on for the DMPTool–we can get you in touch with the right people on your campus or in your organization.

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