DMPTool use stats, April 2012

I’d like to start reporting on use stats on a regular basis. The DMPTool was launched in October 2011. As of the end of April 2012, we have:

  • 1624 unique users
  • 1241 data management plans
  • 48 institutions using single sign-on
  • 18 institutions that have customized the DMPTool for their users

Here’s a graph showing overall use as of the end of April:

2 thoughts on “DMPTool use stats, April 2012

  1. Of the 1241 data management plans created, can you distinguish between those that may have been created to test the system and those that are being used in a grant submission and/or as part of a research project infrastructure? It’s a question we are asking of our own DMP Online.

  2. It’s a good question, but would require more analysis than I’m prepared to do at the moment. I think it would require some confirmation by contacting a sample of users to determine actual intentions. People may be creating an early draft of their data management plans using these tools, completing them using MS Word and then submitting them.

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