DMPTool monthly report, Oct 2012

Use stats

October was our biggest month ever. 375 new users logged into the DMPTool in October, and 336 plans were created. There is now a total of 3,466 users, and they’ve created almost 3,000 plans total. 2 more universities customized the DMPTool for their researchers, bringing the total to 28. 65 have configured their campus single-signon for the DMPTool. See the map of our participating organizations:

As the graph at the bottom shows, more DMPs are created for these funders:

  • NIH
  • NSF Biological Sciences directorate
  • NSF Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

Here’s a graph of overall use through Oct 2012:

Also, here’s a graph of use by funder through Oct 2012:

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