Summer DMPTool Internship Opportunity – Apply Now!

As part of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation sponsored DMPTool2 project, the University of Virginia Library will host a summer MLIS intern for 10 weeks (specific period is negotiable), 40 hrs/wk, at $15/hr. Intern may be able to earn credit hours, subject to approvals by their school and the supervisor (see example at Indiana SLIS: The intern will work day-to-day with the grant project manager, Andrew Sallans, and will be responsible for providing support in all active and relevant task areas during the internship period. The internship is intended to provide a mid-project effort boost and to offer a MLIS student real-world experience in working on a complex project to develop software and services for research data management support.   Candidates will be expected to be on-site at the University of Virginia Library in Charlottesville, VA, for the duration of this internship.  Must apply by March 24, 2013 to Andrew Sallans ( at the University of Virginia Library, providing a CV and cover letter indicating why this project is of interest and how this experience will be of value to future career prospects.

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