Existing Data Management Resources Overview

Image Source: LACMA Digital Collection

Have you been wondering whether someone else is thinking about data management, especially as it relates to the DMPTool? The answer is YES. Dan Phipps from UCLA is compiling an overview of data management resources that might provide useful background information. The full list can be found at the DMPTool site, but we’ve put together sampling of resources below. Thirsty for more? Plan to attend a webinar on this topic as part of our DMPTool Webinar Series. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 4 at 10 am PT. Details and pre-registration information available here.

University Libguides

Libguides are institution-based reference guides designed to be authored by librarians. There are a number of data management libguides, but we chose to emphasize ones that have different subject specializations. The data management guides hosted by Cal Poly, UCLA, and Georgia Tech each emphasize different aspects of data management, and show how the DMPTool can best be integrated into that lifecycle.

Data Repositories

Data Repositories often provide great overviews on the importance of data management. Many of them also provide guides for their upload requirements that make for effective best practices guides throughout the research and data curation process. Databib is a comprehensive catalog of online research data repositories, and is a great way to get an overview of available receptacles. Repositories are often divided by subject, but the guides at The Dataverse Network, ICPSR, and The UK Data Archive provide an excellent general overview.

Presentations & Training Resources

Visual metaphor for the intended use of these educational materials. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Over time we’re going to be separating this section into resources on data management in general and those specifically about how to get the most out of the DMPTool. These are being included not only for educational purposes, also to provide a template for librarians in a position to do education and outreach within their own institution. Some of these presentations, such as the DataONE Education Modules are provided under a very generous Creative Commons license, allowing them to be remixed and reused. The University of Edinburgh MANTRA Training course is a more thorough explanation of these resources, designed for researchers intending to use digital data.

More resources, with descriptions, are hosted at our Data Management Resources page, and will be subject of a forthcoming webinar. If you feel like there’s another resource type that would be useful to information professionals, feel free to email us at uc3@ucop.edu.


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