DMPTool2 Project – May 2013 Report


DMPTool2 is at the point of transition from formal planning activities to startup efforts toward the execution phases of the project.

Technical Team

Many of the planning and preparation goals have been accomplished and the technical team is moving forward on development. Both application developers have been hired and have commenced work as of May 1st. The functional specifications have been revised and reviewed and initial wireframes have been drafted. We are currently working through revising and making minor changes to wireframes and user stories and will present them to Researcher and Administrative User Advisory Boards for feedback on May 30th. The updated technical development schedule is nearly complete and will be shared soon.

Communications/Outreach Team

Candidate evaluation for the Sloan Outreach Coordinator position began on May 2nd, as planned, and we hope to have that position filled within the next month or so. The Researcher and Administrative User Advisory Boards have begun meeting, with initial meetings both in early May. These meetings focused on review and discussion of high-level project issues and technical specifications. The next set of meetings is scheduled for the end of May, and will focus on more targeted feedback.  With the newly implemented governance structure in place, we continue to enroll institutions as “Partners” through signed collaborative agreements. We maintain our goal to enroll all currently authenticating institutions by the end of May. Furthermore, the outreach team has successfully launched a webinar series on the DMPTool blog, already garnering significant community interest.


There have been significant developments in project metrics. The outcome metrics outlined in Sloan Foundation communications will be used to track and evaluate project success. We are currently creating objective-based strategies for each. Longer-term impact metrics are still in development and we are still evaluating the best choices. We will seek more targeted feedback on them during the meetings at the end of May, and likely via broader community discussion opportunities.

Overall Project

Though we expect that certain project aspects may carry into early next year due to previously stated delays, we are quickly catching up to our original project plans. Now that the project is fully staffed, with a complete set of requirements, we are moving forward quickly on development.

-Andrew Sallans, University of Virginia Library, DMPTool2 Project Manager


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