Digest: Upcoming DMPTool Activities

Digital Library Federation Spotlight

The DMPTool was recently featured in the Digital Library Federation Community Spotlight. Written by Sarah Shreeves at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the tool’s use, it’s growth over the past few years, and upcoming developments. Both the librarian outreach and development projects are also highlighted, as well as some of the DMPTool2 functionality we can look forward to. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a great read!

Upcoming Conferences

DMPTool: On the Road. Source: wikimedia commons

Starting this coming Sunday, the Ecological Society of America’s 2013 meeting will convene in Minneapolis. Among a number of excellent data focused sessions the DMPTool will be featured during Monday’s Creating Effective Data Management Plans for Ecological Research.

In the upcoming Digital Library Federation Forum in Austin Texas, Andrew Sallans will be leading a session titled DMPTool 2: Improvements and Outreach. The DLF Forum schedule is forthcoming, but you can learn more about the fall forum at the DLF Website.

We also recently submitted two proposals to the American Geophysical Union’s December meeting in San Francisco. The first, authored by Patricia Cruise and Andrew Sallans, centers on the role that data management planning can play within the larger data lifecycle by providing guidance, resources and outreach. The other, written by Carly Strasser and Dan Phipps, is focused on the resources that exist to guide librarians to adopting leadership roles in data management within their communities.

As we continue to ramp up outreach, development, and with new participants and partners, we’re expecting the rest of 2013 to be a busy time for the DMPTool project, and will be providing details as we get closer to those dates.

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