DMPTool2 Project – October 2013 Report


DMPTool2 continues to take shape and we are now shifting more into planning for release and promotion.

Technical Team

The development team is presently focused on connecting the HTML presentation layer to the application layer and bringing the second version to reality!   We will share this as soon as it is ready for consumption.

We are presently in the midst of organizing plans for the first round of usability testing to be conducted at the DataONE All Hands Meeting in the 3rd week of October and then a broader round of testing across our community in the last week of October and first week of November.  These tests will be focused on the new administrative user interface.  We will then conduct similar tests on the researcher interface in later November.

We have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how to transition from the old to the new tool.  At this time, we plan to initially release access to the administrative interface in early December to allow institutions to configure their content.  We will then make the new version available to all users in early January and allow researchers to still access the first version if they prefer.  In late February we will complete the transition and turn off the first version.  We will be handling a migration of data from the first to second version, but do not have specifics on that yet.

Communications/Outreach Team

Most notably perhaps, we reached our 100th institution with customized content during the past month.  This is a big deal and helps to gain additional traction and momentum for building this community.  On the outreach activity front, we have presentations of the new DMPTool in planning for the upcoming November DLF Forum, the December CNI Forum, and the February IDCC conference.


No major update on metrics since the last report.

Overall Project

We are on schedule to release a final production version in February 2014.

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