DMPTool Webinars

Previous Webinars

2013 IMLS-sponsored DMPTool Webinar Series

Date Topic Links
28 May Introduction to the DMPTool Recording and Slides
4 Jun Learning about data management: Resources, tools, materials you can use Recording and Slides and Bibliography
18 Jun Customizing the DMPTool for your institution Recording and Slides
25 Jun Environmental Scan: Who’s important at your campus Recording and Slides
9 Jul Promoting institutional services with the DMPTool; EZID as example Recording and Slides
16 Jul Health Sciences & DMPTool – Lisa Federer, UCLA Recording and Slides
30 Jul Digital humanities and the DMPTool – Miriam Posner, UCLA (rescheduled from July 23) Recording and Slides
13 Aug Data curation profiles and the DMPTool – Jake Carlson, Purdue Recording and Slides
27 Aug Talking points for meeting with institutional stakeholders Recording and Slides
Oct 1 Beyond funder requirements: more extensive DMPs (rescheduled from Sept 24) Recording and Slides
15 Oct Tools & resources that complement the DMPTool Recording and Slides

Other previous webinars

  • Data Management Plans: Tips, Tricks and Tools. January 11, 2012. Carly Strasser and Perry Willett (CDL). Slides | Webinar
  • DMPTool for Data Management Plans. October 19, 2011. Perry Willett (CDL).  Slides | Webinar
  • Data Management Planning Tool. July 14, 2011. Trisha Cruse and Tracy Seneca (CDL) Slides | Webinar | Survey

12 thoughts on “DMPTool Webinars

  1. I noticed that the first webinars begin at 10PST. Is there any chance that you will record these webinars and make them available for those that can’t make that time either because they live in a different time zone or are busy at that time.


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  4. We’re trying to promote the June 4th webinar, but the description in the pre-registration just says:

    In brief: We will cover existing resources that relate

    Can you give us any additional info? Are we going over Data Management Plan tools and resources outside of what’s offered by the CDL?


  5. I missed the first Webinar. Can you tell me where the link to the recordings will be? I had preregistered, will I get an email with a link to the recorded session? – Thanks!

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