User survey results

We conducted a user survey in January, and received 70 responses. We held a meeting of the development partners, and discussed the survey results. More about the meeting in a future blogpost. For now, here are the survey results:

1) Were you familiar with data management plans before using the DMPTool?

  • Yes: 80%
  • No: 20%

2) Do you have a better understanding of data management plans having used the DMPTool?

  • Yes: 71%
  • No: 29%

3) How easy or difficult was it to use the DMPTool?

  • Very easy: 32%
  • Easy: 60%
  • Difficult: 6%
  • Very difficult: 1%

4) Did you use any of these features:

  • Links to resources:
    • Yes: 61%
    • No: 39%
  • Help for funder question:
    • Yes: 36%
    • No: 64%
  • Suggested answer:
    • Yes: 40%
    • No: 60%
  • DMP News:
    • Yes: 20%
    • No: 80%
  • DMPTool guide:
    • Yes: 55%
    • No: 45%
  • Funder requirements:
    • Yes: 67%
    • No: 33%
  • Video demo:
    • Yes: 22%
    • No: 78%

5) Further comments. Summarizing the comments:

  1. Thanks for providing the DMPTool
  2. Improve the speed
  3. Add blank templates
  4. Formats mangled when exporting a plan
  5. Make it easy for institutions to customize
  6. Include examples of DMPs
  7. Allow multiple users to work on same DMP
  8. Add support for institutional requirements

2 thoughts on “User survey results

  1. The DMPTool is a remarkable achievement, but I want to lend support for comments #e and #f–PLEASE above all make it easy to customize the tool for our institution. Having a means of easily adding or deleting contact imformatios and suggested text would dramatically improve value and usability.

    • Thanks Carole. We’re working on adding functionality to give you control over adding and editing institutional information. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at about any additions or changes you’d like to make to institutional customizations.

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