More on user survey results

On a previous blogpost, we listed the results of the survey. On the whole, the people who responded to the survey felt that the DMPTool was useful and easy to use. The survey also pointed out a few problems, particularly among the free-text responses we received:

  • Several people want to get a document with the questions asked by a funder, or know in advance what questions the funder will ask them. These templates already exist on the Funder Requirements page. It’s clear that people aren’t finding them, either because they’re not prominent enough, or people don’t understand what we’re calling them.
  • Several people remarked that the DMPTool is slow. We’re aware of this problem, and are working to fix it.
  • Text formatting is getting mangled in the export to RTF format. We’re looking into what’s causing this as well.

In addition to pointing to problems or bugs, several people requested new functionality or features:

  • Make it easy for institutions to customize
  • Allow multiple users to work on same DMP
  • Add support for institutional requirements

The original group of development partners continues to meet and discuss a new phase of development. We are looking for new development partners, particularly those that could devote staff resources for software development. Please contact us if you’re interested! In the meantime, we are thinking about priorities for new features and functionality, and the information provided by the survey responses is invaluable. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.

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