DMPTool use stats, May 2012

As of the end of May 2012, we now have:

  • 2092 unique users
  • 1711 data management plans
  • 52 institutions using single sign-on
  • 19 institutions that have customized the DMPTool for their users

I was a little mixed up in last month’s report. We had 1809 users, not 1624, at the end of April, and 1497 plans, not 1291 (a comparison with the graph should have tipped me off–d’oh!).

At any rate, May was our third busiest month, with 283 new users. I’ve noticed that the number of people from new institutions (ie the first person from their institution) has slowed somewhat–there were only 14 in May. We’ve had people from over 400 institutions use the DMPTool so far, so it was bound to level off at some point.

Here’s a graph showing overall use as of the end of May:

2 thoughts on “DMPTool use stats, May 2012

  1. A question about the stats – are common web crawlers excluded from the stats? Since you have to log in to use the tool I suspect they are, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks! -Ken

    • There are no web crawlers in the stats, because, as you point out, the site is restricted to authenticated users.

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