DMPTool wins Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology

The DMPTool has won a Larry L. Sautter Golden Award for Innovation in Information Technology. The Sautter Awards were established by the University of California’s Information Technology Leadership Council in 2000 and awarded annually to “encourage and recognize innovative deployment of information technology in support of the University’s mission.” The award recognizes projects across the University of California that are innovative, interoperable, collaborative, usable, accessible and that promote efficiency.

The DMPTool was developed by a partnership including the California Digital Library’s UC3 in collaboration with NSF-funded DataONE project, Digital Curation Centre (UK), Smithsonian Institution, UCLA Library, UCSD Libraries, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and University of Virginia Library. By joining together, these partners were able to consolidate their expertise to develop this tool quickly and efficiently. The primary goal of the partnership is to simplify the process for researchers of creating data management plans while providing institutions an opportunity to highlight resources and services that support researchers.

The award will be presented at the annual UC Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) at UC Berkeley in August. More information about the Sautter Awards can be found at this website:

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