Now hiring Communications Coordinator and Requirements Builder

The team is pleased to announce that we have a new half-time role available to join the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation DMPTool2 project as a Communications Coordinator and Requirements Builder.  This is a great opportunity to network extensively with the data management community and focus knowledge around what is REALLY important in providing support for data management planning.  This position will report to Sarah Shreeves at UIUC, and remote work candidates will be considered.   We are looking to fill this position quickly, so apply now and don’t delay!

The Communications Coordinator and Requirements Builder is responsible for:
•  Communicating regularly on the status of the DMPTool 2 project via multiple methods including social media, listservs, conferences, and webinars with stakeholders;
•  In conjunction with the PIs on the grant, communicating with the advisory boards for the DMPTool 2;
•  Outreach to libraries, institutions, and funders in order to build requirements for the second phase of the DMPTool;
•  In conjunction with DataONE providing outreach to researchers in order to build requirements for the second phase of the DMPTool; and
•  Gathering feedback from stakeholders on iterations of the DMPTool.

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