The Guide to Guides: New Wiki Page on Data Management Resources

July 2014 Update: these materials are now available on the DMPTool Website.


One of many possible repositories for your data. Photo from Flickr by Matt.Nicklas

Planning for data management and curation is a major undertaking, and at the outset it can seem imposing. The data management plan is a useful way to break data management into component parts. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on a central repository for useful guides, presentations, and webinars on how to structure your data management plan. Some of these will help walk through the data management plan itself, while others will provide context for why certain sections are required, and how to make the different elements fit together.

The first round of available resources can be found on our bitbucket wiki. We’ll be expanding the scope of this list over the weeks to come, and providing a more granular organization of how these resources can fit into the development of a better, actionable, and funder-friendly data management plan. Some of the highlights include educational materials from the University of Edinburgh, the Cal Poly Libguide to Data Management Plans, and a guidance and resources video specifically for using the effective use of the DMPTool. For those of you looking for more academic papers on the topic, this University of Florida Zotero Group has over 100 items relating to data management and preservation. If you are the author of a data management guide, or know of one that we’ve missed, please let me know at

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