DMPTool 2 Release Schedule: Final Countdown

Flower and Plants of the Four Seasons (Japan, Edo Period) Source:

Flower and Plants of the Four Seasons (Japan, Edo Period) Source:

The final months of the development are upon us, and the release schedule fore the DMPTool 2 has been finalized. Below are some important dates, culminating in a late May release.

May 5th: Informational emails sent to administrators.

May 14th: Webinar for administrators (Register Now!)

May 16th: Administrator wiki published.

May 19th: Administrator only soft release.

May 29th: User and administrator wide release.

We’ll be reaching out to institutional administrators with additional details about the webinar, the wiki, and other materials that will be ready in anticipation of the update. In addition to an administrator only soft release, we will be maintaining both versions of the tool for a period of time to ensure every institution has ample time to work with the new version. Be sure to sign up for our May 14th webinar!

Stay tuned for more updates on how you can be ready for the new DMPTool 2 features coming next month!

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