Prepare for launch in 3… 2… 1…

In about two weeks we will launch the new DMPTool on Tues, 27 Feb. The much-anticipated third version of the tool represents an exciting next step in what has always been a community-driven project. We’ve now successfully merged the primary US- and UK-based data management planning tools into a single codebase (DMP Roadmap): the engine under the new DMPTool hood.

Why are we doing this?

A little background for those who haven’t been following along with our codevelopment journey: in 2016 the University of California Curation Center (UC3) decided to join forces with the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) to maintain a single open-source platform for DMPs. We took this action to extend our reach beyond national boundaries and move best practices forward, with a lofty goal to begin making DMPs machine actionable (i.e., useful for managing data). We’ll continue to run our own branded services (DMPTool, DMPonline, DMPTuuli, DMPMelbourne) on the shared codebase, and incorporate partners in Canada, Argentina, South Africa, and throughout Europe who are already running their own instances (full list).

In parallel with our co-development efforts we’ve been making the rounds of Research Data Alliance, Force11, IDCC, and disciplinary meetings to collect use cases for machine-actionable DMPs (details here) and help define common standards (RDA Working Group; just posted pre-print for 10 Simple Rules for Machine-Actionable DMPs). We also got an NSF EAGER grant so we can begin prototyping muy pronto.

The new version of the DMPTool will enable us to implement and test machine-actionable things in a truly global open science ecosystem. Successful approaches to making DMPs a more useful exercise will require input from and adoption by many stakeholders so we look forward to working with our existing DMP Roadmap community (an estimated 50k+ users, 400+ participating institutions, and a growing list of funder contacts across the globe) and welcoming others into the fold!

Preparing for Launch

To help DMPTool administrators prepare themselves and their institutional users for the upcoming launch, we will host a webinar on:

Mon, 26 Feb 2018, 9-10 AM Pacific Time
Zoom link (recording on Vimeo; Q&A and slides)

By that time we’ll have a new user guide for administrators, a new Quick Start Guide for researchers, and refreshed promo materials. Everyone will have seamless access to their existing DMPTool accounts, just through a new user interface that looks and feels more like DMPonline (spoiler alert: we made it blue). And one of the most exciting things about the new tool is that it contains 34 freshly updated funder templates with links to additional funder guidance.

Stay tuned to the DMPTool communication channels in the coming weeks (blog, admin email list, Twitter) for more news and updates. We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and welcome your feedback at any point.

Announcing the DMPTool Webinar Series

All breeds welcome to the DMPTool Webinar Series! From Flickr by baldr90

As part of our grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, we are creating resources for librarians interested in promoting the DMPTool at their institutions. Based on input from a group of librarians back in February, we determined that a webinar series would be useful for introducing the tool, communicating how to use it effectively, and describing how it can be customized for institutional needs.

We are excited to announce our first webinar of the DMPTool Webinar Series on 28 May! We plan to present a webinar every two weeks on Tuesdays, with current plans for 12 webinars. The series will go into November 2013.

A few things to note:

  • All webinars will be recorded and made available for viewing.
  • The webinar schedule might change a bit depending on presenters’ availability.
  • We are always interested in new webinar ideas; please send them to, or comment on this blog post.
  • We plan to collect these webinars and make them available as a set. We then hope to create a short course in Data Management with the DMPTool that will offer certification for librarians as “DMPTool Experts” (we are still working on the title!).

Our current list of topics:

  1. Introduction to the DMPTool (scheduled for 28 May – pre-register now!)
  2. Learning about Data Management: resources, tools, materials you can use
  3. Customizing the DMPTool
  4. Environmental Scan: who’s important at your campus & how to talk to them
  5. Promoting services with the DMPTool; EZID as example (co-promote with EZID)
  6. Data curation profiles webinar (Guest presenter from Purdue)
  7. How to give the data management sales pitch to various audiences
  8. Digital humanities and the DMPTool 
  9. Other tools and resources that work with/complement the DMPTool
  10. Beyond funder requirements: more extensive DMPs (institutional versus funder requirements)
  11. Case studies 1 – how librarians have successfully used the tool (big university library with lots of resources)
  12. Case studies 2 – how librarians have successfully used the tool (small university library few resources)
  13. DMPTool Outreach Kit introduction 
  14. Certification program introduction